The Nebraska Game - by SouthGAEagle. How big was that win?

Southern Miss Football History 101*- By Buddy Long. A series of articles on the early history of Southern Miss football.

USM Needs City to Care as Much as a Stranger - By Rick Cleveland. John Austin Dickey's amazing donation came without him ever setting foot in Hattiesburg.

Guy, punter and much, much more, had no peer - By Rick Cleveland. The greatest player that Rick has ever seen play.

1 school produced NFL's top 2 punters - By Rick Cleveland. Jerrell Wilson (and Ray Guy)

Charts and Tables

Conference USA Membership History - How everyone got here...

Golden Eagles in the Post-Season - List of Southern Miss's post-season games, conference championships, and national championships

Southern Miss: College Football Data Warehouse* - Year by year records of Southern Miss Football

* = The link takes you off SouthGAEagle's Southern Miss Fan Page.