Fun Graphics

The CUSAbbs has a smiley that looks like this:


That is suspiciously similar to the University of Texas at Austin's hand sign.... this will not do!

So I created these, using the hand signs of several C-USA members:




Other fun emoticons:

SWEEP! (made from scratch) 

This is a modification of the baseball bat smiley... now his bat is aluminum! Left and right handed versions.

Some Owl fans asked for an anti-UT sign... the horns down symbol. Enjoy!

Black and Blue Trophy conception:

Designed with help from my brother, "PrinterEagle"

I posted this graphic in this discussion on CUSAbbs. Then, it was brought over to this thread on I wrote the A.D.s at Memphis and Southern Miss and some people are working on turning this into reality...

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South Florida Ad: I can't let Catfish have all the fun!

Here's my "Commercial" for the South Florida game.

After seeing the USM Alumni Association's new billboards, and wishing the images were a bit larger, I made my own versions:


One of just Jimmy Buffett:

and a larger one with several famous alumni (a couple of which are not part of the USMAA campaign):

2005 T-Shirt Design:

Version 1 | Version 2

This is a billboard that I drew, based on suggestions on a thread on EagleTalk. We thought it should go up just off the campus of the University of Iowa:

There was a discussion about which players would appear on the PSX version and which would be on the XBox version of NCAA Football 2K5. I suggested that either would be better than these:

(Click on images for larger versions)

Broken Record Icon
(made during the expansion discussion):

A purple (cough... TCU... cough...) smiley walking off a cliff:

Dangerous in mountain country, you know.....