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September 14, 2007 -- East Carolina

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Catfish Eagle, a poster on the Southern Miss message board, created a couple of "commercials" parodying the MasterCard "Priceless" ads. He sent them to me and asked me to put them on the net for him.

Ads are in Windows Media Video 9 format. Click on the appropriate link to view the "ad" you'd like to see:

This all started before the 2003 season, when the hype was up for the Southern Miss-Nebraska game. Catfish made two ads for that game:

#1: Nebraska: Seymour
#2: Nebraska: Etric Pruitt

Then, in the days leading up to the TCU game, he designed a third....

#3: TCU: Fiesta Bowl?

This one seems to have caused quite a stir in Fort Worth....

"Look on their website," [TCU Head Coach Gary] Patterson said. "It's one of those, 'What it costs for a BCS bowl ticket. Putting TCU in the Mobile Bowl: Priceless.' They'll find out we're not scared to go to Hattiesburg. They've been talking about us all year." -- Dennis Dodd, CBS Sportsline Article.

I've since heard that this ad ran on the sports segment of WFAA Channel 8 Dallas/Fort Worth as well.

Here's the 4th installment... related to the press the 3rd commercial got:

#4: TCU: Gary Patterson

A new year, and TCU heads to the Mountain West... of course Catfish has a commentary on that!

#5: TCU: Going to the Mountain West

Next are two 2004 season previews, done as movie trailers:

#6: 2004: Star Wars Eagles

#7: 2004: The Godfather

Moving on to basketball season, and James Green resigns as head coach. Catfish was there to spearhead our plans to get a new coach...

#8: Basketball: Larry Eustachy for Head Coach

Who knew he'd actually take the job!!!

Iowa has now decided, after us using the logo for 18 months or so, that it looks a little bit like the Hawkeye... Catfish gives us his thoughts....

#9: Iowa: Logo Controversy

Southern Miss goes bowling.... It's the 2004 New Orleans Bowl, versus the North Texas Mean Green!

#10: North Texas: New Orleans Bowl

But before the bowl, we've got some unfinished business with Cal, thanks to Hurricane Ivan....

#11: California: Welcome to South Mississippi (Public Service Announcement)

#12: ECU: The 2007 game is on!

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